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"Be recognized for all that makes you truly beautiful from within and inspire others along the way." - Sophia Stone, founder of HALOTOPIA

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Mini Halo by HALOTOPIA Charm Earrings in Sterling Silver
Mini Halo by HALOTOPIA Charm Earrings in Sterling Silver

Mini Halo by HALOTOPIA Charm Earrings in Sterling Silver

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Women wearing Halo by HALOTOPIA are saying...

"My Halo is shining!"

Denise R., Palm Beach, Florida

"When I put it on, I feel instantly transformed! It's infectious beauty makes me feel beautiful inside and out! I feel like I can conquer anything!"

Joan K., Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania

"I love it and it's the perfect size!"

Karin P. Atlanta, Georgia



HALOTOPIA creates fine jewelry and luxury handbags with iconic hardware that reflect the beauty of women who value family, friendship, kindness, compassion and faith. Designed thoughtfully, with purpose, we transform...

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Sophia Stone is an award-winning designer and philanthropist who also dedicates her time as an inspirational speaker, writer and Sunday School teacher. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida...

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At the heart of HALOTOPIA is a strong sense of community, built on inspiring and empowering women and children. This aim has always been central to Founder & Creative Director Sophia Stone’s life...

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Everything we do at HALOTOPIA – from every sketch, to every stitch – is inspired by our core values: family, friendship, kindness, compassion and faith. As you wear your Halo by inspiring HALOTOPIA fine jewelry and luxury handbag...

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Identity & Reflection, our jewelry speaks of who you are without saying a word, inspiring those who see and wear HALOTOPIA. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, with purpose, as a beautiful reflection of what lies within...

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Timeless keyhole and radiant halo elements are the signature style of HALOTOPIA handbag hardware, thoughtfully designed to reflect the beauty of women who wear HALOTOPIA. Blending the art of fine jewelry making...

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We believe true luxury is defined by process. At HALOTOPIA, that process incorporates thoughtful design with purpose and Old-World craftsmanship. Each HALOTOPIA handbag begins with the vision of our founder...

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A one-of-a-kind handbag line that recognizes and shines the light of women who value family, friendship, kindness, compassion and faith. HALOTOPIA takes this bold step because when you design thoughtfully...

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HALOTOPIA is brought to life by our dedicated team, an inspiring community of strong women of diverse strengths and professional backgrounds, who share in our core values and ongoing commitment to create, inspire and serve...

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