And it was all yellow...

With the warmth of the summer sun, one of my favorite colors shines in all its glory, YELLOW!  It’s as if the color itself is a gift from heaven with the golden light of the sun coming right down and kissing me on my nose, where then I curl up with smiling eyes and a childlike grin of pure joy!

The joy of the color yellow in summertime at HALOTOPIA

How in the world does yellow do that, it’s not for me to know… I just love it and it makes me so happy and that's good enough for me. There are so many  things in this world that are far too complicated, and I choose to make my love for yellow effortless, joyful and free like the glow of sunflowers as they raise their crowns in the sweet summer breeze. 

Then there’s something about the color of a yellow rose that’s always joyful too! It's a beautiful surprise that God would bless roses with the color yellow too! Can you imagine for a moment the wide eyed smile of wondery-wonder of the first person who ever saw a yellow rose? I’m imagining myself right now as that person and I’m giddy from my head to my toes! 

Ah yes, and then there's the yellow summer dress that just speaks of joy, twirls and merriment, whether you’re 2 or 82. It’s as if just by wearing it, the sun magically shines over you following your every skip! Oh the happiness I feel wrapped in yellow. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? 

Perhaps yellow renews something inside of us,
That speaks of days gone by,
That linger in the warmth of memories,
Bringing heaven like joy down from the sky.


So, I bring you the joy of yellow and hope it makes your halo smile too!


Sophia, founder of HALOTOPIA