Our Founder & Creative Director

Sophia Stone is an award-winning designer who also dedicates her time as a dedicated community volunteer, inspirational speaker, writer and beloved Sunday School teacher.

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Sophia’s passion for design began at an early age. After watching and helping her father, a renowned master craftsman, build custom museum-quality furniture in her family’s factory for more than 40 years, Sophia transformed her appreciation for artistry into a successful career in interior design.
For nearly two decades Sophia designed the interiors of breathtaking residences throughout the United States, being awarded and published for her design talents. After the birth of her first son, she dedicated her time to utilizing her artistic skills in inspiring and empowering women and children throughout her community.
During this time, Sophia was called to focus her design talents on a higher purpose – to create an extraordinary fashion and lifestyle brand for women who value family, friendship, kindness, compassion and faith. By skillfully blending her expertise in fine interior design with fashion, she created the iconic Halo by HALOTOPIA, which wondrously reveals your halo and inner light. This remarkable symbol of love and light was transformed into the Halo by HALOTOPIA necklace and the one-of-a-kind handbag hardware for HALOTOPIA’s first luxury handbag collection that reflects these values and beliefs that shine from within.
Now, with the exciting launch of the Halo by HALOTOPIA inspiring fine jewelry and handbag collection, Sophia’s extraordinary vision for HALOTOPIA has been realized.