Our Inspiration

Everything we do at HALOTOPIA – from every sketch, to every stitch – is inspired by our core values: family, friendship, kindness, compassion and faith. As you wear your Halo by HALOTOPIA inspiring fine jewelry and meaningful handbags, it will become so much more than a statement piece – though you will certainly be making a statement! It will also serve as a beautiful reflection of the values you hold closely, inspiring others along the way. This same level of commitment can be found in everything we do.

  • Timeless style made exceptional with our iconic HALOTOPIA Halo and signature gold-toned hardware
  • Precious metals transformed by master jewelers who pour their love and passion into every piece
  • Proudly made in the USA from premium full-grain American leathers, sent to Italy for finishing
  • Designed with purpose to inspire, unite, and empower women around the world