Our Jewelry

Identity & Reflection, our HALOTOPIA meaningful fine jewelry speaks of who you are without saying a word, inspiring those who see and wear HALOTOPIA. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, with purpose, as a beautiful reflection of what lies within.

Beginning with hand-drawn architectural renderings, our jewelry is beautifully illustrated like pieces of fine art. Then, three dimensional models are engineered in the exact specifications of our designs. Once approved, custom molds are cast and metalsmiths turn gold and silver granules into raw shapes of solid gold and sterling silver. At this point, master jewelers begin to unveil the inherit beauty that lies within each piece by skillfully transforming raw forms into radiant and captivating pieces of fine jewelry.

Our inspiring fine jewelry collection begins with the introduction of the iconic Halo by HALOTOPIA, the symbol for women who value family, friendship, kindness, compassion and faith.